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      Annual Appliance Service


Appliance's should be inspected and Maintained annually.  Our technicians are trained and certified in all your top RV Brands like Arixcel, Lippert components, Dometic, Norcold, and Suburban.


We offer an Appliance Service package that will allow our technicians to test operate and service all your RV Appliances.  Don't get stuck with a faulty Air conditioner, Furnace, Hot Water Heater or Refrigerator.


Call us today and ask us about our Appliance Service Package 

      Roof Maintenance

RV Roof's should be inspected Annually, RV Roof sealant should be scrape and resealed every 1-2 years depending on climate. Coatings are recommended every 4-5 years depending on climate and maintenance of RV. 

Most Roof Replacements stem from lack of maintenance that sustain water damage. 

Here at Mark Townsend's we utilize top of the line products to maintain Roofs. 

Don't let lack of maintenance get the best of you give us a call to schedule your free roof inspection in shop today. 

      Generator Service


Depending on the Model of you Generator, Minor Generator service should be conducted every 100 Hours, this includes: Oil Change, Air filter (if Needed), and Oil Filter. 

Major Generator Service should be completed Every 500 Hours, which includes all of a Minor Service plus Fuel Filters and  the cleaning of the Brush's. 

These are recommended Service Schedules, All Depend on other conditions. Service may be required sooner. 

Call us today to Schedule an Appointment for Service today

      Wheels & Brakes 

Wheels and Brake should be self Inspected every trip. 

Wheel and Brake inspections should be completed every 1-2 years.

Grease Seal should be changed approximately every 2 years. 

These are recommended service schedules, All depend on individual factors. Services may be required sooner. 

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